Thank you for taking the time to visit the TEAMKEEPPUNCHING.COM website.

We want to assist you in improving your lifestyle and reaching your dreams. Since 1989 we have traveled across the globe and met with some of the most successful networkers, learning their techniques they used to gain financial independence. Our job now is to deliver what we have learned to you. Most of the information has come from leadership within the Keeppunching Team of distributors. You will continue to receive updated techniques for success from those in the Team Keeppunching that are creating new exciting businesses and that information will be displayed here on a regular basis. Team Keeppunching has distributors who have developed great part-time incomes and others who created multi-million dollar sales teams. You will learn from all of them.

NSA is a dynamic company that is well positioned for the future. We are excited about embracing the present and looking toward the future as we want to assist the Virtual Franchisees in our team to have an outstanding quality of life.

On this site you will get to meet some of our leadership and learn who they are. Feel free to contact them with questions about the Virtual Franchise and learn how they have achieved success. You will learn more about creative ways to do your Wellness Parties, specialized Virtual Franchise trainings, how you can be organized with special business forms, articles on health and direct sales and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

For the veterans, this website will allow you to teach your success team (downline) many things you are familiar with in organized easy to follow steps. You will also find lots of information that is new or seldom addressed in trainings. Secrets from the masters.

You will hear stories about DREAMS, FAIRY TALES, and MIRACLES. You can create your own story of time freedom, a priceless commodity while creating financial success.

This website is designed to give you insights into the mindset of many successful people who can teach you how to think like winners, stay focused, and change your life.

Our goal is not to impress you but rather impress ‘upon’ you that the Virtual Franchise business works IF YOU WORK. Our job is to teach you how the network marketing professionals in Juice Plus think and work; the steps to financial strength; and how to enjoy the full measure of success available to you in this extraordinary business. Please let us know how we can assist you in any fashion.

Thank you NSA for allowing so many people to dream again.

Keep Punching!

Kerry and Mickey Daigle